Product Description

Are you Losing your customers due to slow website speed?

I will test your website with GTMETRIX/Pingdom and will increase your website speed by at least 60% within 24 hours.

I will provide a Before and After Report for you to check the difference in performance that this service makes.

Why should you care about your site speed?

Faster Website means:

  • High Google Rankings
  • High Conversions/Money
  • Decrease In Bounce Rate
  • Provide better experience for your customers and visitors

What I will be doing to optimize your website speed:

   ✓ Configuring Opencart Cache Plugin With Best Settings
   ✓ Optimizing Images without losing image quality  
   ✓ Optimizing MYSQL Database  
   ✓ Enabling Browser Caching and Gzip  

   ✓ Enabling Headers Expiration
   ✓ Minify JS, CSS and HTML files
   ✓ Combine CSS and JS
   ✓ Mobile Speed Optimization

You will also get recommendations from me on how to keep the speed up all time.

Order Today to make it one of the FASTEST sites in the world! 

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