Product Description

Slow Website ? Dropping Sell? Need Better Seo?  This Gig For You . I will Optimize your Opencart website and speed up your website . 

What do I do?

  1. Minify & Combine js, CSS Files. 
  2. Minify HTML.
  3. Caching
  4. Caching Your Pages To Serve Static Content.
  5. Utilizing browser caching.
  6. Database & Object Caching(Not For Dynamic Website )
  7. Enabling gZip Compression
  8. Optimizing your homepage to load quickly
  9. Optimizing your Opencart database.
  10. Reduce HTTP request. 
  11. Optimize images.
  12. Fix PHP Issue .(Extra)

Result :

1.Site up to 400% faster.( Depend On Package ) 
2.Easy to rank on google.
3.Mobile Optimized.
4.Very fast load For returning Visitor.
5.Less HTTP request.
6.Huge difference between before and after the online report.
7. Bug Free Website 

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