Facebook SEO Open Graph Tags Opencart 3x
Facebook SEO Open Graph Tags Opencart 3x

Facebook SEO Open Graph Tags Opencart 3x

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Facebook SEO Open Graph Tags Opencart 3x

Boost your SEO with this extension and share your content on Facebook.

Why should you use Open Graph tags on your site?
When someone shares content from your site to Facebook, Facebook crawler will scrape the HTML of the URL that is shared.
On a regular HTML page this content is basic and may be incorrect, because the scraper has to guess which content is important, and which is not.

Take control of what the Facebook crawler picks up from each page by using Open Graph meta tags.
These tags provide structured info about the page such as the title, description, preview image, price and more.

This extension adds Open Graph markup to your site accordingly to the latest Facebook requirements.


 Generate More Traffic
 Improve Branding
 Made according to the latest Facebook standards
 Easy Plug and Play installation
 vQmod - No files overwritten
 Works with any custom theme
 Support multistore
 Support multilanguage urls(if added)

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