Facebook Chat for OpenCart
Facebook Chat for OpenCart

Facebook Chat for OpenCart

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Facebook Chat for OpenCart

Elfsight Facebook Chat is the most convenient way for people to address you and get help. You will stay available online in one the most favorite messengers. Integrate Facebook Chat in your website and you will be able to publish it on pages or on specific pages;chooser certain groups of visitors for whom the chat will appear; define chat initiating triggers, compose your welcome text, pick icons, and do much more. Having Facebook Chat on your website, you will remain connected to people at all times and in any location.


  • Staying simple and swift to address for website audience at any time
  • Boosting the quality of client service providing it quickly and personalised
  • Growing purchases through consulting people and convincing them

Our Facebook Chat Module is extremely easy to install and it doesn’t require coding skills. Yet it’s reach in one-click-available features, which will help you in your business needs.

  • Integrate Facebook messenger on your site to have conversations with visitors
  • Reply to messages right from your Facebook page
  • 3 variants of chat position: floating bubble, embed bubble, and embed chat window
  • A collection of bubble icons for you to select from
  • Editable bubble text
  • Chat header with page logo, name, and caption
  • Choosing page picture by default, from our collection or uploading your own picture
  • Editable chat name
  • Five Reply time variants in the chat window caption
  • Using custom text as chat caption
  • An option to edit welcome message using formatting options and links
  • Start Chat button with editable text
  • Option to switch on/off Facebook Messenger icon on Start Chat button
  • Option to show the chat on all website pages, or set certain pages, or exclude pages
  • Show or hide the chat on mobile
  • Choosing the category of visitors to show the chat: all, new, or returning
  • Four chat-opening triggers: time on the site, time on the page, scroll position, or exit intent
  • New Message notification as a badge on the bubble, or in the title of a browser tab
  • 4 elements to paint: bubble background, bubble icon, header background, button
  • Changing Start Chat button shape from square to rounded

The Facebook Chat Module is provided by Elfsight Apps
Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to extend and diversify your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others).
This module acts as a bridge between your site and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. It takes the widget you’ve configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website.
If you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, setting it up is totally free, and only takes you about a minute.


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